Understanding Your Supplements

Just what the hell is actually in your supplements?

Different supplements can have massively different amounts of protein in them. Unfortunately, no company is ever going to advertise this. So instead they report their protein per serving. 
So all you gotta do to increase the advertised protein percentage… is increase your serving size!

So you might see something like “50g of protein” but each ‘serving‘ might be 100g in size (around 3 standard scoops). 

This means you’re taking protein powder with a 50% protein content. Which is balls. And this happens ALL.THE.TIME.

Compare that to a product like ‘MyProtein Impact Whey Isolate’, who offer just 21g of protein per serving. 
With a serving size measured at 25g, that is actually a whopping 84% protein content. 

So do you see what we’re getting at here? All the different companies have different scoop sizes, and report in different ways. Meaning your gains might be taking a hit. Or you may be taking on a lot of unwanted fats and sugars. 

So what do we do?
We break all of it down in a quick and easy way for you to see exactly what you are taking. We have checked some of the main brands out there and collected all of their protein contents and serving sizes. We have also calculated their protein contents as a percentage. Which means you can be much better informed about what you are putting in your body, and it means that whatever the size of the scoop or the serving, you know exactly what percentage of it is protein. 

Have a look and see how your powder stacks up:

  Per 100g
BrandProductProtein %Carbs %Sugars %Fat %
The Protein WorksSoy Protein Isolate90.
PhDWhey Isolate85.
MyproteinImpact Whey Isolate Vanilla80.
The Protein WorksWhey Protein 8082.
The Protein WorksMicellar Casein82.
IsopureZero Carb Protein Powder80.
Reflexnutrition instant whey pro-on-the-go80.
IconIcon Nutrition whey Evolution78.
Bulk PowdersWhey Protein77.311.05.08.3
The Protein WorksWhey Protein 36077.
Optimum Nutritionhydro whey protein powder isolate76.9   
Protein WorldWhey Protein Concentrate76.
Kings NutritionWhey Protein76.7   
ReflexVegan Protein76.
IsopureLow carb protein powder75.
MuscleTechNitro Tech Whey Gold72.
Sunwarriorwarrior blend72.
VivoPerform raw plant cacao protein71.416.64.09.1
Reflex100% whey68.614.04.37.4
Optimum NutritionGold Standard Plant66.714.44.46.1
Optimum NutritionGold Standard Casein66.710.05.61.4
Optimum NutritionGold Standard Whey66.
The Protein WorksDiet Meal Replacement66.
MuscleTechNitro Tech whey protein65.
Love MuscleWhey Protein60.
Optimum NutritionLean Whey55.
Protein LabChoc Whey Protein powder54.0   
USNMuscle Fuel Anabolic Muscle Gain
MuscleTechMass Tech Weight Gain formula27.457.43.93.0

A full table will be available over in our blog section. Where we also break down why some items are better than others and what the different types of proteins are. 

We will be updating this all time, so feel free to let us know if there are any brands you use that we have missed. 

All information is taken from the company’s nutrients information and is collected in good faith. If we make a mistake, let us know. We’ll correct it.

Happy gaining!


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