How to choose a protein powder

Optimum Nutrition vs MuscleTech

It can be hard figuring out which protein powder to buy, which is exactly why we do what we do. We help you to find the best prices, but we also help you determine the quality of the products.
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We took two popular protein supplements. Both 100% whey, both ‘gold’. Who came out on top? 

Both of these protein powders advertise 100% whey, and they aren’t lying. The protein content of both of these supplements is made up of 100% whey. But that just means that the only source of protein was whey, rather than a blend of sources such as soy or casein. 

But we were more interested in how much bang for our buck we were getting from these products. 

Both products advertise a similar amount of ‘protein per scoop’ at around 24g. 

So they look fairly equal. But that’s not the whole story…

Look at the serving sizes:

BrandProductServing size (g)
Optimum NutritionGold Standard Whey29.4
MuscleTechNitro Tech Whey Gold33

MuscleTech’s scoop is nearly 3.5 grams bigger.

So you gotta take more powder to get the same amount of protein as a single scoop of Optimum Nutrition’s powder. 

Look what happens to the protein content when we calculate it using the same size scoop (35g)

We can see that from the same sized scoop, Optimum Nutrition is providing us with more protein. 

That’s due to the product having a higher protein content. Here’s how they stack up with overall percentages:

so whichever size scoop you have, and whether you have one or two, or even three. This much of your portion will be protein. 

Do be aware that different products also have different fat, carbs, and sugars contents so make sure you are checking out our macro comparisons so that you are using the right supplements to match your goals. 

Now go hit those gains! 

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