Bodybuilder VS WWE Superstar

 Celebrity Protein Supplements: Are they worth it?

We reviewed a couple and we were shocked…

Ok, so usually anything created/endorsed by a celebrity is a bit shit. It’s often just a cash grab, using their celebrity weight to shift some units. Stick a famous name and face on something and it will sell.

In a market where protein supplements can range so massively in quality, we certainly expected this to be no different. 

We took a closer look at Feed Me More ISO Hungry Grass Fed Protein Isolate, owned by ex-WWE star Ryback:

and youtube favourite Jujimufu’s Acrobolix supplement line – Hydropump protein powder:

Now clearly, both of these guys are legit in the world of body building. They are both top athletes. which, if anything, makes us more suspicious. Big muscly dudes are supposed to be big dumb cavemen, smashing anything in their way. Not exactly the profile we would expect of a supplement developer – skinny kids in white coats and glasses that really like spreadsheets.

So it would be easy to assume that this is just another one of those cash grabs.

But when we had a look at the nutritional values on Ryback’s powder, it became clear that this wasn’t just a famous face on a shit product.

The overall protein percentage of Feed Me More is a whopping 82%. Putting it alongside well established brands like Isopure and the Protein Works! Wowsers. We had expected it to fall low down on our table, at around 60%-70% protein content. Which would have been a cheaper product, so less risk and bigger profit margins.

But this product is a legit whey protein isolate AND it has low fats, no artificial sweeteners, and is non-GMO.

It ALSO has a super low carb count at 1g per serving (3.3%), and really steps up to the plate against some of its peers at the top of our table like the Protein Works Micellar Casein powder 3% carbs, or Herbalife’s protein powder 3.7% carbs. 

In fact, of our top 10 rated products of all time, it has the 3rd lowest carb percentage! 

It is very clear that Ryback genuinely wants to make the best, cleanest product possible, and we’ll tell you what, all the numbers really are pointing to a success. 


Now for Jujimufu:

Now again we have a whey isolate product, so we would expect a nice high protein percentage…

We were not disappointed.

Jujimufu’s Hydropump protein powder contains 84.4% protein!

That’s more than brands like Optimum NutritionHerbalife, and the Protein Works. It actually places him 4th on our overall table! Unbelievable.

And what’s more, carbs and fats are both 2.6%. Which is one of the best ratios we’ve ever seen,  by far the lowest numbers in our top 5 products of all time. 

Juji-John-Mufu, take a bow.

Additionally, if you read the blurb on his site next to the product you really get the feeling that he cares about it and has actually put time into it.  Which to be honest, is no less than we’d expect from him given how authentic he comes across on his youtube channel.

He makes some dead-on points about calories, and just generally seems to give a shit about not just his product, but giving good consumer advice. Which we applaud.

The downsides: This product is called hydropump.. which implies to us that it is a hydrolysate, and Juji talks about his switch to hydrolysed proteins in the product blurb. But other than that, we can’t see anything about it actually being anything other than a normal isolate. The filtering process doesn’t appear to give us any hints of this either, referring only to a micro-filtering system. While a hydrolysed process would involve a break-down of the protein through exposure to heat, acid, or enzymes.

So either this is a standard whey isolate with a misleading name, or it has been hydrolysed and there isn’t any info… either way we would have hoped for a bit more information here. But do not let that stop you from remembering that this is an outstanding product.


By the way…

We haven’t reviewed the subjective things like taste in this review, they are difficult to judge and based purely on opinion, instead we stuck with the numbers, and hopefully it has given you some insight into two rather exciting protein supplements that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten through normal customer reviews.

If you liked it, don’t forget to check out our other blog posts and our store that contains lots of our reviewed products and many others. We will soon have cost comparisons too. 

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